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Sorry guys, I haven't worked on this project for about 3 years. As far as I am aware, everything is still working (although Win8 could have broken things). I'm still up for answering emails if you have questions, but I most likely will not be releasing any updates, sorry!

Project Description
Drive Backup is an easy to use, automatic backup program. Simply insert a USB drive, and the program will backup either files on the drive to your computer, or files on your computer to the drive. Drive Backup was created using C#

Here are some of the features of the current release:

1. Automatically backup your files on multiple USB devices
2. Backup entire directories or individual files
3. Easy to use interface for setting up and configuring USB devices
4. Use a single USB device to interface with Drive Backup on multiple computers and/or user accounts
5. Access your backed-up files from any OS
6. Drive Backup creates a new folder for every day you backup
7. Drive Backup overwrites backups that occurred within the same day
8. Drive Backup can interface with multiple USB drives all set up to backup individual files
9. Drive Backup hides in the system tray when minimized so it is non-intrusive
10. Drive Backup using system notification bubbles to alert users of backups
11. Whenever a drive that is configured as a “Reverse Backup” drive is inserted, specified files on the drive will be backed up automatically onto the host computer
12. Automatically checks for updates at start

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